Saturday, April 30, 2005

Code of Existence Part 2

My dogs are doing it right. They sleep when they are tired, eat when they are hungry, and are completely non judgemental. I should be like that.

Sport is a training process - not a competition.

Sport doesn't build character, life builds character so keep it balanced. Especially important to my Ironman friends.

Make it a habit to conquer yourself.

I do not agree with the phrase "All things in moderation". No, this is not counter to the "keep it balanced" comment above.

If I want to achieve a goal I recognize that there is no excuse for my lack of success, but there may be reasons. So I can examine these reasons, learn from them then press forward.

Diet is the most important factor. To be really lean eat proteins and fats or proteins and carbs. But never fats and carbs together.

Meeting women really isn't that difficult. If you are attracted to a particular woman put aside all fears of rejection and humiliation and go after her. Don't even think about what you are going to say. If you do start drooling and stammering, who knows, maybe she'll think it's cute. Doesn't matter because it's good practice anyway. She's just as insecure as you are so don't be intimidated.

Heavy lifts are very effective. Every weight workout should include a movement that uses a scary weight and makes your spine want to buckle. I got a couple of wide eyed looks last Friday when I nearly fell over. ha ha

If you have some nice body part please don't dress to draw attention to it. You have nice biceps? Good for you. But don't wear a sleeveless shirt all the time. You're not some girl with large breasts!

Being sore is good. Just eat more, sleep more, and take some vitamins.

Brian's Cereal Box Philosophy is OK in small doses but real understanding comes from going out and doing it yourself.

Code of Existence Part 1

I like women to wear nice sexy underwear. None of that five in a bag for five dollars stuff that you get at Costco.

I try not to speak adding the words "you know" , or "he was like"

I like people to take action. Don't talk incessantly about how you are going to lose the beer belly, or get a new job, or be first in your age group. I don't care one way or another. Just do what the hell you say you are going to do.

Reexamine everything - I started doing this at my midlife crisis. Don't just follow convention. But when faced when an idea that is different from yours stop for a minute and consider if it has any merit before arguing with the jerk for having the audacity for, Good Lord, having an idea different than your own.

I like to take stands that may be controversial. Sure, I piss people off, but nothing comes without risk.

When I see injustice I will stand up for that little old lady that lost her parking spot to some punk. I don't like to fight but I will protect the weak.

Likewise I stick up for the nerds because they invent neat stuff.

Lastly I realize what a wonderful place Canada is even though my income taxes are high. Canada is a great club and we have to pay our membership fees.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

My old house has a huge 900 sf garage which I find funny since I now live in a 650 sf apartment downtown. I am a fair mechanic and have rebuilt several cars over the years. My father helped with my first muscle car, a 1967 Cougar GT. My next endeavour was a Mustang Mach 1 (without dads help) which took 10 years, ten thousand dollars, and endless patience from my lovely ex-wife Tracey. The car above is a 1950 Jaguar XK120 and was going to be my next project. I mean what else do you do with a 900 sf garage. My Tsawwassen neighbour, Greg K. now has the car.

Plum and Brian out for a drive Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

Body Building

Weight lifting – why?
I was at work chatting with some co-workers about my morning routine at the Y and my friend asked “so you are some kind of body builder, eh? I would really like to get back in shape, but I have to get rid of this beer belly, what do you suggest?”
I was a little offended. I mean, what, you can’t tell I’m a body builder? Have I been wasting years in the gym? Granted, I do keep my bulk down because I have to do triathlons and I’m about 195 and 5’ 11” so I’m not some huge gorilla and I don’t wear clown pants and a fluorescent string tank top to work. But hey, look at those quads!!
But how do you explain to the average guy what we do in the gym?
I wanted to explain to my friend that most body builders don’t really go up on stage and pose, but we do manipulate our diet and lift weights so we look good naked.
Really what I wanted to tell him that he is the best coach I have. I look at my friend eating his potato chips and get inspired. The difference between him and me is that I overcome. We have the same workload at work, but I find time to go to the gym. I find time to eat a healthy lunch. I like to have “normal” people tell me how they can’t get into shape. I listen sympathetically how they can’t stay motivated and don’t like the feeling of being sore. I can offer advice to people, but once they find out it involves hard work, sacrifice, and discipline they just tune out.
He’s just stuck in a rut, but like they say, the only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.
I hope I’ve left some message to anybody reading. The time to start working on that Summer body is now. If you want to look better on your birthday start now. The best time is always now.

Brian, Whistler and Plum on Gabriola Island Posted by Hello
I found this cabin on Gabriola for my lovely ex-wife's father. Duncan is a paraplegic and he bought it in 1999 and we put a nice addition onto it to make it easy for him to get access and to get around in the kitchen.
Duncan and I had searched for about 5 years all over the Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and coast of Vancouver Island for a great vacation spot. This place was a great deal because in 1999 real estate was in a slump in B.C. and this was a divorce sale.
It has a panoramic view of the Straight of Georgia and a peacock that visits and drives the dogs crazy.
The dogs love it because they can go to the beach and eat all the dead seafood they can find.
I go over occasionally, but since the divorce, I'm not quite as welcome. sigh...
At least the dogs get to enjoy it.

Brian and Plum Posted by Hello
This is my favourite Dalmatian, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse aka Plum.
She is named after the author that published the Jeeves and Wooster books, PG Wodehouse.
I found Plum at the Delta SPCA when she was 8 weeks old. She was deaf and the Ladner dog breeder did not want anyone to know that he had deaf dogs in his litter, but he didn't want to put the dog down and he put Plum in the SPCA. I had to wait until Plum was 12 weeks old before she was allowed to be adopted out. I was the first one there when they opened at noon and I was alarmed when I couldn't see her in her "room". I was so relieved when the attendant lifted the blanket to show a dog that likes to be under the covers. I brought her to work with me for the rest of the afternoon. I tried the crate training technique with Plum but that didn't last the night. She was soon sleeping in the same bed as me and the lovely ex wife, Tracey.
Plum has run the Diez Vista 50 km trail run with me and at 13 can still outrun pretty much anybody.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Dalmatians

Well, the blog won't always be about the dals, but they will show up in articles occasionally. I have two dalmatians, which I am unable to show a picture of.. yet. Plum is 13 and Whistler is 11.
The dals are in fantastic shape and can still go for 10 km runs.

Just make this short as it's pretty late and that's enough of a learning curve for one day.