Tuesday, May 31, 2005

44? Posted by Hello

It's my birthday tomorrow (June 1) and I'll be 44!
I'm the oldest of three boys, and my youngest brother Patrick's birthday is on June 3. Pat lives in Edmonton and has a son, Aiden. Sean lives in Tsawwassen and has a son, Brendan. And Sean and Linda have another one on the way.
Me? Well, no kids, but gave it a good try. Haven't entirely given up on the thought of kids, but I'm not getting any younger.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Weight loss Posted by Hello

My friend Simon started a club called the Tri-Buddha Multi-Sport Benevolent Society and I desperately want to be a member. The club motto is "Where's the Fried Chicken?"
To be a member of this club you have to be a triathlete with no eating disorders. And you have to be able to make a pig of yourself consistently when required. Easy huh? No it's not!!
The problem is that I start freaking out whenever my weight goes over 200 lbs and then immediately hop on the Atkins diet rollercoaster. This fact disqualifies me from the club. I can earn points make a pig of myself at all the smorgasboards and pot luck dinners, but as soon as I go on that diet Simon just shakes his head and says that I don't understand the point of the club. And he's right, I am a total hypocrite. I tell all my athletes not to worry about eating whatever they want and just enjoy the practice, or the race, or whatever we are doing.
Pretty bad gains and losses this year. Just for the heck of it I tried a new diet called the Velocity Diet which requires eating nothing but protein powder for a month. Ridiculous eh? I managed to stick with it for a week, while maintaining my training and I lost seven pounds in that week. I wanted to see what kind of willpower I had. Anyway, I'm back to a fairly normal diet now and don't plan on dieting for the summer. I can't run because of my hamstring injury, but I can still do weights, swim, and cycle.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Ironman Course defeats Brian

Had to happen one day. I pulled myself off the course after Yellow Lake after deciding that my hamstring injury was real.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

First Penticton Ironman Bike Ride of the Year

The May long weekend is the first "official" Ironman bike ride of the year. I know that there are a couple of crazy athletes in my club that started riding the course in March (brrrr), but I think even the May long weekend has the risk of being a cold/wet ride.
Sometimes I ride with the athletes (especially if I'm racing that year myself) and sometimes I drive an Explorer which has lots of room for broken bikes & athletes. I have rescued quite a few people, including my lovely ex-wife Tracey, who could not complete the bike ride because of hypothermia. Bobbi Jo definitely had a major meltdown when she broke a spoke in Oliver and they couldn't fix it at the bike store there. And I'm sure the lovely Cindy Reynolds was crying on the curb at the Osoyoos Husky station when I offered to give her a ride back to town, but she stoutly denies the crying part.
I really like the newbie athletes and go way out of my way to help them.
But not always. I was riding with Sarah Marchildon during her first ride and we had just arrived at the rollers on the way to Cawston. Sarah was a little tired at this point and didn't know the course, and I thought that she might be the last rider of our group, so I told her not to worry I would stay with her until the end of the ride. Exactly at that moment my friend Angus Crisp was passing us and he said "Lets go - don't worry about Sarah, there are lots of people behind her."
So I ditched poor Sarah and went racing after Angus. I think Sarah made it back to the motel without any damage.
It looks like there are about 60 people going up this weekend and we have two support vehicles. There will be two rides - the regular abbreviated 160 km Ironman ride (without the out and back) and the ride out to Oliver and one loop of the Oliver 1/2 Ironman course. Of course if you do the Oliver ride then you have to stop at Tickleberries for Ice Cream on the way back to Penticton. This weekend is just a big ice cream fest for me.
The Oliver 1/2 is extremely popular and is early enough in the year that it doesn't take up the whole summer training for it. I raced it last year and it was a very well organized race. The Oliver motels were not prepared for the huge influx of Triathletes last year. My motel owners were quite upset that I was bringing my bike into the room. This one always cracks me up because they have no idea what a nice bike costs (mine is $3,500 and that's a low end nice bike).
Enough rambling for now. I'll probably have some funny stories from this weekend. Just be glad I quit golfing. I could be writing some really boring golf stories.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Cheating & Getting Caught

I saw her this weekend at the Vancouver Marathon and we walked together and then went to Starbucks for a drink. That's what got me thinking about that spring and my "infidelity".
Of course I knew I wouldn't get away with it. I'm too dumb to hide it and the betrayed too smart to not see the signs. Plus the scent is a dead give away.
And I'm sure I will do it again if I have the chance.
I became close to Dr. B. after she broke her leg in a rather spectacular fashion getting hit by a bus on her bicycle. No, I wasn't coaching her at the time. We knew each other from the tri club, and she lives in the same building as my friends Simon and Linda. She is absolutely gorgeous, athletic, really smart and interesting and lots of fun. I had expressed an interest in her in 2003, just after I had separated from my lovely ex-wife Tracey, but Dr. B. wisely chose not get involved with me. I chatted with her occasionally at swim practice and my girlfriend at the time was extremely jealous of Dr. B. who is an absolute knockout in a swimsuit.
I had just been given a large severance package because my old company Walter Construction had closed down their North American division and shut down our office. So I had lots of money and free time and was living not too far away from Dr. B.
Dr. B. couldn't walk because she had broken her leg and needed a cast. Her shoulder was pretty damaged and she couldn't manage to use her crutches for more than 10 minutes because her upper body would get too sore. So she was at the mercy of her friends for the first couple of weeks after her bike crash. Most of Dr. B's friends work so they aren't around during the day when she really needed the help. But I was around - a lot.
At first I just came over in the mornings to take her dog Kirby out for a walk. Then I would come over in the afternoons to take Kirby out.
When Dr. B. was a little stronger we would take the dog over to the neighbourhood coffee place, Higher Grounds, and sit outside and chat. She really liked the company and I liked being with her.
The day it started was a Saturday and I had driven over to her place in my Ford Explorer. Dr. B. was really tired of being confined to her apartment so I offered to take her and Kirby out to the beach. I helped Dr. B. into the front seat and Kirby hopped in the back of the Explorer and I took them down to Spanish Banks and let Kirby play in the water. Dr. B. removed a fair number of her clothes to maximize her tan while I chased Kirby around in the surf and wore myself out. It was really a fun outing and Kirby rolled around in the back of the Explorer drying herself off.
I normally see my dogs, Whistler and Plum on Sunday mornings. I go out to Tsawwassen, grab the dogs, and take them up to Sasamat for a run.
I hadn't thought about being with another dog the day before.
And they were certainly not happy about another dog being in the car!! I mean, this had been their car for years and now apparently I was letting in any wet dog I found in Vancouver. They ran around the car for thirty minutes sniffing everything and just wouldn't settle down. It's like they thought the other dog might still be hiding somewhere.
Kirby was just what I needed at the time though. And I'll probably do it again.

Kirby Posted by Hello