Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This is Whistler, who is now 12 years old and living with my lovely-ex T. He's a big boy weighing in at 85 pounds, but in amazing shape. He is a purebred Dal, despite being so large. He was three years old when I got him, and he had already been in 5 different homes. When I heard about him, he was living in a locked barn in Ladner. My veterinarian pleaded with me to take him, but I already had two. But how could I say no. Dalmatians have a lot of personality issues and this one was exceptionally naughty. I owned two female dogs Plum and A.J. and they had already established their roles in the house. Whistler surprisingly fit in quite well.
Whistler had joint issues and could not walk very well. With lots of glucosamine and some Corticosteroid his mobility returned and I had him running with me within the year. He has run the equivalent of full marathon, and even did the Diez Vista with me.
I don't see the dals much anymore, but I'm happy to see that they are staying in such great shape.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Feasibility Study for Fresh Water Aquarium

Objective is to have a full fresh water aquarium with minimal maintenance per week.

5 versions of the feasibility study conducted so far.

Version 1: sizing, where to place it, what you need, what is a ROM cost. (Rough Order of Magnitude)
Initial estimate - $2000 - $2500

Version 2: all items bough prefab and bought at various local stores. This detailed estimate came up to $4,500 without any fish or plants or taxes. Since this was twice the ROM

Version 3: Partial Do It Yourself, plus Prefabricated items
Buy tank, CO2 system, Filters, Lights,
Build stand, canopy.
Estimated cost $3,500

Version 4: Nearly everything DIY: Stand, canopy, CO2 system, Filters, Lights
Only buy the tank, and plants.
Livestock not included yet.
Estimated cost : $2,500 for a nicely planted aquarium with no fish.

Version 5: New iteration of version 4
Sourcing stuff different locations and checking the design to make sure the basic engineering is correct and the stand won’t fall apart. Also ensuring scale-ability. If the filters are not scaleable and designed properly, increasing the livestock will put pressure on the bioload. PH crashes, algae blooms big problems.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Candy Dilemma

I was at the drug store last night and I happened to notice the Halloween candy on sale. Thus today is m&m day at Brian’s desk. They come in small bags and they are way more popular than the Tootsie Rolls. Of course there are two types of m&m’s Plain, and Peanut.
Plain come in the brown bag and are smaller so there are more. You get approximately 14 in the brown bag. Peanut come in the yellow bag and you get approximately 5.
Vijay commented that he preferred the Plain kind. I asked why and his response had to do with quantity. The more he gets the longer he can enjoy it. Interestingly he may take as many bags as he wants, so he could take 3 bags of Peanut m&m’s if he wanted. However I suspect he doesn’t because he doesn’t want to appear greedy. So the appearance of quantity for small packets of m&m’s is the main criteria when choosing. They last longer because there are more. And they jingle when you play with them in your hand while they are melting.

Theory: Candy that you don’t like is better than no candy. If people are offered candy and they tell me that they don’t like it eventually I will get pissed off and I won’t put candy out any more. So people will always accept candy if I offer. You will only offer constructive candy criticism because no one wants me to stop giving candy.

Frequent visitors when any candy is out: Antonio, Phil, Jenny, Roger.

I generally put out candy based on my mood. If I’m not in a good mood I put out candy.

List of candy I have put out rated (1 most popular 10 least popular)

1 Gummi Bears
2 Wine Gums
3 Jelly Beans
4 Kraft Caramels
5 m&m’s
6 Dino Sours
7 Ju Jubes
8 Scotch Mints
9 Wrapped Fruit candy
10 Wrapped Spearmint Candy

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

United Way Poster Boy

I am the poster boy for this year. One of my duties as a United Way committee member is to put up the posters and sign up sheets. I started working on the posters last night - it's a lot more work and organization than I thought. We have a fairly big office and our goal is to raise $40,000 next week.
Next week starts off with a breakfast and talk from the Vancouver Fire Chief. That morning we will be face painting the various managers and having pictures taken with them. And we give out United Way Pledge packages.
Tuesday we auction off pumpkins that will be used in the Thursday Pumkin carving contest.
Wednesday is tie cutting day.
Thursday is the busy day: indoor golf tournament, pumkin carving contest, karaoke, anything goes scooter races, and the wrap up party.
Busy week next week.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mr. Popular

I have figured out a way to be well liked at work. It has nothing to do with my personality, or my work ethic, or my attire. On Fridays I bring in candy and put it in a bowl on my desk. Today is Tootsie Roll day. I've already had visits from Phil and Roger N. and it's not even 10:00 am. See it works.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Dime a Dozen

MBA density: You can't even throw a wad of paper in the air without hitting an MBA in the head on the 7th floor.
There's me, Vijay, Gerardo, Boris, and Brian J.

We get no respect and have absolutely no authority.
As a controlled experiment Vijay just took a flash photo of Dave and then asked him a question but was totally ignored. It's like we are no more than just cubicle partitions that you have to walk around.

Things that happen when you tell someone you have an MBA:
amused grunts
pregnant silence
blank stares (maybe they don't know what it stands for or are thinking "he's not tall enough to be in the MBA")
sarcastic "that's nice"
classic question "oh, so what does that do for you?"

I don't regret getting it; it couldn't really hurt. but there's no short term gain. It's more long term. I don't think it will break even until 10 years down the line.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Table Manners

Will someone please teach Aiden how to eat spaghetti?

Thank you Sean and Patrick!