Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Random Mini Posts II

This is a once in a lifetime photo of me wearing a baseball hat. I really dislike it when guys in their 30's and 40's wear baseball hats. I think it just looks lame and I think they are trying too hard to look youthful. I just wore it because liz thinks I would look cute in it. Of course I do look cute in it, but that's neither here nor there. I'm not wearing it again. The principal is that it would be difficult to mock people wearing baseball hats if I wore one myself.
My Hat Principal certainly has its drawbacks. Last time I did Ironman I was the only one of 2000 entrants that didn't wear a hat on the run. It was really hot and I guess I looked like I had a good case of heat stroke about mile 7 when spectators started commenting that I didn't look good. Jim Miller suggested that I should wear a hat and one lovely woman in the crowd offered me her son's baseball cap. I don't think I would have made it through that race if it weren't for that kid's baseball cap (which I still have - but will never wear again).

It has been three months since I bought that McDonalds Hash Brown and put it in my top drawer. It has dried out a little bit and broke in half when I picked it up about a month ago, but it still looks like a minute in the microwave and it will be ready to eat. Absolutely no mold on it.

Speaking of mold, I got rid of that dodgy old protein shaker. I bought a new shake mixer for $3.00 at that little supplement store on the corner of Bute and Robson. I went into GNC and they wanted $10.00! Those bandits! I was off the protein drink kick for awhile, but now I am mixing it with Silk Brand Soy milk (Silk is the best, So Nice is not bad either). I can keep Soy milk in the fridge and nobody will drink it. And I like it!

I am being kicked out of the executive wing and moving to the south side of the 7th floor. I like being over here on the north side and sometimes get to listen in on interesting high level conversations. On the bright side my buddy Antonio gave me first choice of which office to move into. I chose the one with the nice view - the new Shangrila office building. (A little nicer than Anna's view of a Main Street alleyway). Engineering offices are notorious for boom and bust/ hiring and firing and shuffling people around all the time.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Yaletown Grand Prix

Me and Sara Neil. I met Sara in high school at a basketball tournament, (but she doesn't remember me). She is an amazing athlete and raced in the Olympics. When I was bike director of the tri club I asked her to come out and give us some "real" cycling coaching (as opposed to the type of coaching that I offered)

I missed out on the Canada Day 4 km swim because I went to English Bay at 8:30 and I should have gone to Sasamat Lake. Doh. I'll swim 4 km tomorrow by myself and save the $50.
But I did make it down to Yaletown to watch the cycling race.
My friend Graham Tutti came in second in the Men's Cat 3/4 race.
Here is Graham and girlfriend the beautiful Michelle. (not my ex)

Oh, and here's the race (I really didn't go to watch, just to socialize):