Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wearing Sweatpants out to a Restaurant?

99 percent of those polled were against wearing sweatpants to dinner in a Vancouver Restaurant. I am the 1%. I have absolutely no problem wearing sweatpants to out in public at dinner. Those of you from Montreal or Toronto will just not understand. I am a true Vancouverite and this is the way it is 'round here. It's about being laid back and casual and being comfortable outside. That is why Mountain Equipment Coop (same as REI) is so successful here.
I actually own three pair of fleece pants - grey, blue, and red. Of course I'm not going to wear the red sweatpants outside of my apartment. When we were dating, Michelle and I bought matching pairs of red sweats to wear at Christmas time - that's the only reason I own them. I will, and have, worn the grey and blue sweats to dinner in my neighbourhood.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Almost Got Me

M and I went to a party at the Vancouver Club on Saturday night and after we left we decided to have a glass of wine at the elegant Sutton Place Hotel. As we were sitting there chatting a large Irish fellow passed our table and made some comment to us. I responded and we started talking about my Irish Heritage and the IRA and women etc. He was quite entertaining so we invited him to sit with us.

He told us that he had been mugged in Vancouver on Friday night by three men. Now this fellow, Bobby, is a very large guy and it seems to me that three men would be tempting their luck by taking him on. But he showed us the bruise on his head. And he said he lost his wallet, but by phoning one of his friends he got a room at the Sutton Place hotel. And he put his room card on the table to show us.

So I bought him a beer and he continued talking to us. He told us he owned six pubs in Dublin and that he had an MBA from Harvard, and that he was worth about 19 Million Euros. I believed the pubs and 19 Million, but I called B.S. on the Harvard MBA. (However he is Irish and I just assumed he was embellishing the story). He and M talked about companies and I could tell he had some knowledge of finance, so he seemed legitimate. He gave my business card to some hot woman at the bar and told her to call me. She hasn't yet. But I digress, the Sutton Place closed down and we all agreed to go to Granville Street for one more beer.

The Granville Room was open so we stopped there. Bobby gave me a Starbucks card and told me it had $100 US on it and he didn't need it because he was leaving tomorrow anyways. We had another beer, and then he asked if he could borrow my phone - and he dialed some 1-800 number. He then told me that he had just arranged a plane ticket for me to visit him in Dublin. Just to be clear there are no gay overtones here and we were talking about women the entire night (only in the nicest possible way, of course). Anyway, I told him I couldn't accept and was too busy to travel.

M went to the washroom and then Bobby told me he wanted to spend the night with a hooker and wondered if I could loan him $200. I squirmed and told him I wasn't comfortable giving him money and then he accused me of being ungrateful and that I had insulted him. Luckily Murray returned and I recounted Bobby's request for money. Murray calmly stated that the request was inappropriate and that neither of us would give him the money. At that point Bobby lost his temper and shoved Murray about 5 feet into a table, knocking over several glasses. He then started yelling obscenities at Murray and looked like he was going to take another run at him but by then the bouncers had grabbed him. They led Bobby outside and he made a hasty retreat. Murray is relatively resilient and was unharmed by the incident.

In our debriefing we decided that he was a desperate con artist who probably doesn't have any money. I can't imagine that he actually has a room at the Sutton Place, but if he does he's probably using someone elses credit card to pay for it.
It was quite the evening. Oh yes, the Starbucks card didn't have any money on it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I am saddened to hear that Marion Mitchell's dalmatian Emma is no longer with us.
Emma's Memorial:

Dearest Emma you were the sweetest dalmatian in the world, so gentle and loving, you helped so many people all over the world deal with canine epilepsy and became known as "The face of Canine Epilepsy" You were and still are the light that shines in the darkest places of the pain that an owner of seizing dog feels. You will never be forgotten.

I remember Whistlers first epileptic seizure and holding him to comfort him. His seizures usually lasted about a minute but it seems like forever. In my research of canine epilepsy I came across Emma who was the same age as Whistler. I am so thankful that Marion Mitchell shared Emmas story and I'm deeply sorry for her loss.


Cece has a way too cute post about her daughter Cherry and her beloved rocks. I have my own set of beloved rocks, which live in the kitchen and I smile whenever I see them. Cheryl Elsworth (also known as C1) found them on the beach when we were walking my dalmatians Whistler and Plum. The black spotted rock is affectionately known as the Whistler Rock, and the brown spotted rock is, of course, known as the Plum Rock.