Thursday, December 31, 2009

Still Around

What's going on this year:

Of course this blog is named Liver Spot in honour of my favourite liver spotted dalmatian, Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (also known as Plum). Plum has been gone for three years now!

I really want to get another running dog, but don't think I want another Dal just because they shed so much! I am now looking at getting a Pointer, a Weimeraner, or a Great Dane.

Getting my Wind Energy Company going
My best friend Murray and I started this company three years ago.
We have five projects in Texas and one in Arizona.

Dating the lovely Susan, who I met 42 years ago in Kindergarden.

This is a comeback year! I will do Ultraman Canada when I am 50. So I have to get in Ironman shape again.
Riding with Glotman Simpson cycling.
Running injury persists but still expect to run an Ultramarathon this year.
Boxing Lessons at Griffins Boxing

Piano Lessons!!

Stopped coaching swimming in February because I was spending too much time on my company.
Will take some swim coaching courses in 2010.