Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Plant Progress 2010

Plant Progress Status Date February 3, 2010

Safety Motto - Know when to come in from the cold.

Project Controls Update - Of course we can fix that - Please kindly sign this time and material work order.
Change Order Status: Plant has suffered winter damage and requires TLC to recover to former resplendence. Disciples to prepare budget numbers.

Discipline Update:

Civil and Design Engineering - Drainage looks good.
Structural - I'm conducting a tensile strength test.
Architectural - I better check the fire code. It looks like wood kindling.
Process - The soil is too wet. Definitely over watered
Mechanical Services. Fairly close to the window. We should upgrade the thermostat
PD and Piping - Investigating claims of over watering. Require meeting with Civil, Structural and Process.
Mechanical Engineering - That's a nice saucer
Material Handing - Do you want to help me scrape barnacles off my boat on Sunday?
Electrical Engineering - If you want Metal Halide lighting we will require a larger electrical room
Instrumentation - Plant shutdown key is ready just in case
Accounting - If this is a change order where is the original contract for this plant?

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